The pouch market for dairy beverages, fruit purees and juices, or a combination of both, has grown at a dizzy pace in recent years. These beverage products are presented in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet different target audiences and their needs.

For little kids, ergonomic packages adapted to small hands and anti-choke caps to ensure safe consumption. For youth and adults, appealing “Ready to drink” packages with fresh and natural products for healthy consumption at any time of the day. Also for fitness enthusiasts, pouches with shapes that are easy to hold while doing physical activity. In all cases, these flexible packages are ideal to carry in handbags or backpacks, keeping the product fresh until the moment of consumption.

Thanks to the spout cap, the package can be reclosed if not finished. Finally, being made of recyclable materials, it is an environmentally friendly package.

Dosage system designed under the FDA 3A standard

Full execution in stainless Steel

Bio-decontamination of film and spouts certified by an external Laboratory

Laminar flow

Thanks to Ultra Clean technology, products are filled under hygienic conditions including the film and spout cap, giving a micro-bacterial logarithmic reduction inside the pouch up to Log 5. Depending on product characteristics, distribution chain and other conditions, it is possible to guarantee a longer shelf-life of the product by reducing the quantity of preservatives, or even removing them.

LAMINAR FLOW, Certified by an external and international Laboratory. The filling area and inner face side of the film must be kept clean by pressurized laminar flow with HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) to keep a light over pressure around those areas, in comparison with the external air. The laminar flow cabinet is designed according to GMP, FDA and European regulation standards and requirements.