The tobacco industry

The tobacco industry, in any of its guises, remains very prominent in different areas of the world, and horizontal packaging machines are the ideal ally to keep this delicate product fresh for a long time, whether it’s cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff type… both for “deluxe” presentations and for Economy formats. Resealable-type closures (Zipper) ensure the tobacco is maintained under ideal conditions, resulting in end-customer satisfaction.

Given the great diversity of markets where this type of Packaging exists, there are a huge variety of possible pouch styles so Effytec has adapted both the machines as well as the feeding and filling equipment in a customized way so that the final result is a direct outcome of the collaboration between Customer and our highly specialized Technical team.

The world’s largest tobacco manufacturers clearly value these pouch package options, as year after year we install new machines in their factories.


chewing tobacco