Experts in packaging wet and dry pet food

Polls make it very clear: more and more people feel each day that their pet is a valued member of their family. That’s why the industry for pet food is in constant expansion.

Products in different presentations, flavors and textures, special nutrition for specific veterinary needs according to age or different disorders, or increasingly selective gourmet options.

An almost never-ending range of choices, still moving forward. One only has to take a look in the supermarket aisle for pet food to realize the growth of this industry in recent years.

Consumers know that their pet deserves the best that money can buy to such an extent that a premium package is key to helping market the product.

A wide range of package dimensions have been adapted to meet different family needs,, such as zip closing to keep product fresh, longer expiry dates, environmentally  friendly package materials or unique  presentations, and these are just some of the key factors for a package to succeed in the market and, therefore, the actual product inside the package.


Packages from rollstock or pre-made pouches

Specialists in retortable applications from rollstock

Compatibility with all filling systems, for wet or dry products: piston fillers, flow meters, auger or volumetric fillers, multihead weighers and many combinations for the filling of multi ingredients products.
All our machines, as standard, are built in stainless steel AISI 304 – AISI 316L for all parts in direct contact with the product.

Patented sealing system.

Full control of the 3 key sealing parameters individually (time -temperature - pressure).

The bottom & vertical seals are made with a 3 heat sealing + 1 cooling method (optionally 4th sealing).

The top seal is made with 2 heat sealing + 1 cool sealing method.

A Full sealing profile avoids misalignments between bottom and vertical seals reducing the risk of leakers.