Technology and 35 years of know-how applied to the cosmetic industry

The world of cosmetics is constantly changing and rapidly growing, thanks in part to the introduction  of men as a proactive client and the awareness connection between cosmetics and personal wellness, which is increasingly more important in our daily lives.  Effytec sees the cosmetic sector as having the most innovative trends, and we have been developing some applications in the last years, oriented to satisfy the most demanding customers and end users, who expect premium quality packaging for high value products.
High speed up to

Wide range of packaging formats

Complete packaging lines

From 60 sachets to 320 sachets per minute

We have a large range of machines, to meet any
demand of cosmetic manufacturers: from 60
sachets to 320 sachets per minute, either to fill
powder, granules, gels or liquids (makeup, aromatic
oils, perfumes, or body/facial creams, shampoo,
for example). We can also offer many different
presentations: single sachets, twin sachets (two
sachets with central perforation), partial or
complete shapes, valves… and so many others.
Our machines can be integrated to complete
packaging lines, synchronized to other pieces of equipment,
such as cartoners, checkweighers, vision control, Xray,
printers, metal detectors, or any other peripheral system
required for any application.