Chemical industry

When we talk about “chemical industry” an infinite range of possibilities opens up in front of us: insecticide powders and liquids, disinfectant liquids, herbicide liquids and granules in general, creams… are just a few examples of this huge sector.

In addition to the usual requirements of packaging practicality, diversity of formats, and other characteristics, the following aspects are of particular importance for these products, where flexible packaging presentations can more easily achieve:



Flexible packaging is the palpable demonstration that safety and comfort are not incompatible concepts.

Hermeticity, to avoid spillage of toxic product, thanks to the sealing system that guarantees leak proof packages.

Total product protection to prevent light or other agents from damaging it, thanks to multilayer films, which act as a barrier against the entry of these agents.

Additional safety to prevent children from opening sachets (for example, special tear notch).

Machines built following special executions that protect them against wear & tear and reduce maintenance times and costs.