Wide range of products

In just a few years, the evolution of the beverage market has moved from a limited range of options, traditionally in rigid packaging, to an infinite range of possibilities: water, fruit juices, dairy products, smoothies, coffee preparations, syrups, baby compotes, liquid yoghurts, soft drinks with a thousand flavours… and even alcoholic beverages.

This wide variety of products benefits greatly from flexible packaging in terms of different package style options (internal or external straws, top or corner valves, customized pouches with shapes…).

In addition to the already known advantages of flexible packaging (reducing the costs of primary material, storage and transport, reducing the residual impact on the environment, greater comfort for the consumer…), horizontal packaging machines can guarantee perfect hygiene of the product through applications such as laminar flow, hot filling, disinfection of valves and film by high-powered UV lamps,  peroxide steam or pulsating lights… all in order to ensure maximum hygiene without damaging the properties of the conditioned liquid, regardless of its viscosity and the volume to be dosed. In addition, the film acts as a barrier against the entry of external agents that could damage the product, guaranteeing the taste and properties of the product.


Dairy products, shakes, yogurt …

From the energy drink for sports people, to the  pouch of fruit juice for children’s snacks. Or twin chamber sachets with water and powdered milk to instantly prepare a nutritious drink (frangible seal technology) or even,  why not, a well-deserved glass of wine in front of our favourite TV series, the flexible packaging is the ideal companion in all circumstances.